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Contact Tex Nevada on the MODUS Bot discord!

Fallout 76 Reddit

Your go to subreddit for all things Fallout 76!

The MODUS Project

Discord server dedicated to the development of The MODUS bot

Filthy Casuals Discord Server

Casual discord server with Fallout 76 roots

NukaCrypt & Rogue Trader

Your All things Fallout 76
Nuke Codes, Market, Inventory to Useful tools for Dataminers!

Forceful Expiration Department 76

or FED76 for short is your go to place for market estimation pricing

The Plan Collectors (FED76 hosted)

Look up plan prices, apparel database & MODUS commands!

Where is Minerva?

Look up the location of Minerva!
Hosted by The FilthyCasuals!